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What is Zapier and how you can utilize it to its maximum potential? Let us Explain.

As more and more companies move to automation, one name continuously stands out among various automation platforms i.e. Zapier. It is the top automation software for plenty of reasons. It works really well with both big and small automation procedures. You can integrate this wonderful tool with a variety of applications that companies use every day. Zapier Technology is one of the best ways to automate your business. That’s why Digital Expert Solution’s Zapier consultants prefer this tool to companies to optimize their processes and workflows.

Our Experience With Zapier 101

We have a team of Certified Zapier Experts who are providing Zapier Integration and development Services to various Companies related to various niches. We’ve created integrations between various applications like Google Sheets, Airtable, Pipedrive, FollowUpBoss, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. You’ll find all these automations in our portfolio section below.

  • Automate Leads Generation Process.
  • Lead Transfer Between Applications.
  • Extraction of Leads From Email.
  • Data Transfer through Webhooks.
  • Working with Google Sheets.
  • Get Form Submission Leads to Text.
  • Zapier App Templates Creation.
  • CRM Automation For Customer Follow-Up.

Our 4 Steps Approach:

Zapier Technology works in its ability to connect various applications and automate workflows. To get an idea of our approach and how Zapier Technology Works, you need to know about a few terms related to Zapier. The most common terms for Zapier are Zap, Trigger, Action & Task. Let’s know about these terms in detail:

  • Zap: When you’ve created a workflow a term is used to describe it called Zap. To make this workflow work, you need to create triggers and actions.
  • Trigger: It is the first step of your workflow which will run a Zap. You can create two types of zaps, the first one is Manual Zap and the second one is Automatic Zap. An Automatic Zap will run every time when a specific event occurs in an application. Zapier constantly monitors an application and waits for an event to occur. Let’s understand this with a real example. Let’s say you want to get a Slack notification every time someone makes a purchase on Shopify. So, Zapier will continuously monitor the Shopify store and when a sale event occurs, it will send you a notification in Slack.
  • Action: In the above example, the slack notification phase of the zap is the action. Zapier continuously monitors the application used in the trigger and will do an action on the basis of the selected trigger.
  • Task: The data you’ll receive from the action is counted as a task. In the above example, you can consider Slack notification that includes the data related to the Shopify order as a task.

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