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E-commerce is growing rapidly and individual sellers are widely benefited from the marketplace and drop-shipping modules. But often, people get confused with these two terms – marketplace and drop-shopping.

In layman’s terms, the drop-shipping module is where you only act as a mediator between a seller and a customer. For example, if the customer orders a product via your platform (drop-shipping company/website/brand), the order goes to the seller/manufacturer and they deal with packaging, and logistics and deliver the goods on your behalf (drop shipper).

Whereas, in marketplaces, you will be the seller/manufacturer and deal with the customer base directly. This can be a complicated process, that is why we at DES offer the best online marketplace management services.

Drop-shipping can be overwhelming, we DES organize and provide clear instructions so you as a drop-shipper can experience only the best of drop-shipping modules.

What is Marketplace and drop-shipping management?

So, what is marketplace & drop-shipping management? As a seller/drop-shipper, you can easily add and manage different marketplaces under a single management system. No tension exists between multiple inventories and demand & supply systems, managed under a unified platform. You can also choose a revenue stream, which better suits your brand and aligns with your business.

It is all about the complete management of your marketplace and drop-shipping modules.

Strategize your growth with us – drop shipping & marketplace management services in India

At Digital Expert Solution, our team offers the best Amazon marketplace services. Amazon is the largest marketplace, one seller must choose and have the best management to manage the Amazon marketplace.

We also provide after-sales optimization, tracking your order from anywhere and anytime. Maintain your account health with us at the best. Our experts in hand, help you with the basics of guiding through the right marketplace (brand registration) till the completion of the order and after-sales support.

DES also offers better product optimization and reports at regular intervals. We value our customers the most and strive to deliver the best to them.

Our Process:

Our team members thoroughly understand your product and needs and move on with research for the right marketplace/platform for you. After determining that we manage the entire price from uploading to optimizing it. We also will regularly provide reports so that you know what the metrics are and what we have improved for you.

  • Understand your product and needs.
  • Research for right marketplace/platform for you.
  • Product Optimization.
  • Regular Reporting.

Frequently Ask Questions

Baapstore, Bluember, TradeIndia, IndiaMart, Jim Trade, etc

Too many codes (SKUs, EAN, ASIN)-overwhelming product identifiers, intensive listings, lots of ways to optimize, etc.