Google Sandbox: Top 7 Strategies to Rank Your New Website Quickly

    Did you see the title of this blog? Do you know the actual meaning of Google Sandbox? If not, then first, you should know what is Google Sandbox in SEO. So, without letting your excitement down, make a start with an important question.

    What is Google Sandbox In SEO?

    Good Sandbox is a probation period, during which Google drives a minimal amount of traffic to your website. With the help of this traffic, Google analyses the quality of your website with your On-Page user interaction. The primary goal of the probation period is to prevent Black Hat SEO Services implementation from ranking websites over Google quickly.

    This probation period is not directly admitted by Google. But still, there is a video in which Matt Cuts revealed the existence of the Google Sandbox Effect but indirectly. In this informative video, he suggested putting the coming soon page on the new website, until it gets completed.

    How Long is the Sandbox Probation Period?

    It depends on the type and niche of the website, but commonly it is around 4-6 months for new sites that are trying to rank over Google. But for some websites, it is approximately 2-3 months, and for some, it takes around 8-9 months or so. Let’s go with some examples of different niches to analyze them thoroughly. If we talk about highly manipulated niches like Forex trading, and payday loans, the Google sandbox period will be approximately eight months or more. Because it is the most profitable niche when it comes to SEO. On the other side, when we talk about the AdSense sites we target the low competitive (informational) keywords with low search volume. The sandbox effect will be low, like 3-4 months. But there are some strategies with the help of which you can easily reduce the Google Sandbox time period.

    Strategy #1: Target Low Volume Keywords:

    Let’s start with a simple question. What are the basics of SEO? Do you get Confused? It is very simple, “You should target the high volume keywords having low competition.

    ”But in reality, it doesn’t work for a new website. Yes, Google won’t take the risk of ranking a new website containing high-volume keywords. Probably it increases the probation period of your new website. So the best practice is to forget the high-volume keywords for a new website as it is very easy to find the low competition keywords with low search volume. Which are not targeted by any of your competition. There are many online tools with the help of which you can easily find the best keywords with low search volume and competition. Now, as you are targeting very low competition keywords with low search volume, Google will obviously rank your website for those keywords as it will be much less risky for them. As your website starts traffic from the low competition keywords, google determines the quality of the content present on your website. It results in reducing the sandbox time for your new website.

    Strategy #2: Silo Structure Strategy:

    It is one of the best strategies that is only used by 20% of pro bloggers on their websites.

    The creation of categorized pages on your website, which contain your post related to your page category called Silos. After creating these in-depth pages, create some page in support of those pages that helps to rank your pages well.

    Tip: You should create 80% contextual links to these pages, which targets the high competitive keywords and rest 20% to the supported post.

    Make sure that you should internally link your relevant blog post as the silo structure is fully incomplete without this internal linking.

    Strategy #3: Follow Topical Relevance:

    If your website does not have a sufficient amount of articles related to a specific topic, then it is very hard to find the topical relevancy of your website on Google. In order to help Google, it must publish a cluster of topical, relevant articles rather than publishing random articles.

    For this, you must go thoroughly with your topic and do full keyword research related to that topic on which you can easily write a useful piece of content. When you have a high cluster of relevant topics with relevant keywords, it makes Google easily recognize you as an expert in that field and ranks your website over high-volume keywords. For example, if your website topic is related to – “Outdoor Equipment” let the top three keywords that are related to your topic will be:

    • Hiking
    • Gardening
    • Camping

    Then I strongly recommend you to go with only hiking for a couple of months in starting so that it makes the authenticity of your website and reduces the probation period.

    Strategy #4: Get more comments:

    Head over to the crucial section of your website i.e., Comments. That will become a huge cause of spamming on your website. But still, there is an option with the help of which you can make it beneficial for you. You can edit the content present on your website and make it keyword-rich.

    With this, you’ll get various comments with different IPs, and keyword-rich content, and it looks natural.

    It will act as social proof over your website for the visitors and also helps to increase the conversion rate of your website without any social media marketing services.

    Comments are not only beneficial for your website but also for the SEO of your website. Yes, as all SEO professionals already know Google has the ability to distinguish between main content and comments present on your website. So, you can put your target keywords repeatedly in comments as it does not increase the keyword’s density. Google also checks the presence of keywords in the comments while showing your results in SERPs. Including keywords in your content is the best authenticity proof for Google that commenters agree that the content present on your website is relevant to the targeted keywords.

    Strategy #5: Follow link velocity:

    Link Velocity is the rate at which you build links to your website. When you put some content to your website, don’t go straight with the link building to your new content.

    It will increase your probation period rather than decrease it, and you’ll look like a spammer in front of Google. If we talk about the natural process, then the link-building increment will be done proportionally to the growth of content on your website.

    So, don’t fall victim to impatience with you. Be Natural.

    Always remember that rushing to build the huge number of backlinks to your site from day one is abnormal. It may insert some extension in the sandbox period.

    Strategy #6: Fake Social Attention:

    There is a bitter truth that it is challenging to get new visitors and some social attention to a new website. With this bitter truth, there is also a sweet solution to it. You can quickly get some social attention with the help of a press release. There is some high-quality press releases that can easily do this for you. Everyone knows that links present over the Press Release are No-Follow, but it is also true that getting all Do-Follow links is not beneficial for your website. It may harm your site. There is a common misconception that no-follow links pass no link juice to your website. But sometimes no-follow links do give some link juice to your site. To support that press release, you should need some social shares on your site. It appears that buzz is natural in front of Google. But keep in mind that don’t just blast social signals to your website. Just keep them a handful. Don’t overdo anything.

    Strategy #7: Enhance On-Page User Interaction to your Website:

    Rather than Off-Page optimization, Google stresses more over the On-Page user interaction. Many metrics tell everything about your website to Google like dwell duration, bounce rate, etc.

    There are many Software that we use to analyze the behaviors of the user on your site like Google Analytics, Google Chrome, etc. But there are very few people who know that this software is not one way. Yes, it also delivers the data to Google related to your website.

    During the initial days of your blogging site, make sure you work moreover reducing the bounce rate and increase the visitor’s timing spend over your website.

    In starting, make sure that you dig Google Analytics regularly and fix the pages that create issues for your website and have a poor engagement rate. Make sure that you can fix it with the help of interlinking to pages or adding a great introduction to your site. You may underestimate it. But it actually works to make your website’s SEO Better and decrease the sandbox probation period.

    Wrapping-Up Everything:

    So, these are the best tactics that you can use to kick out the Google Sandbox and rank your site over Google quickly. Although there is not any way with the help of you may not get rid of the Google Sandbox Effect for your site, it should reduce its time significantly. If you plan to start a new site later, then you must go for it now put some useful content over it, and let it be ready for turning. For a new website don’t waste your time checking the ranking of your keywords and traffic regularly. Rather than this focus, only one quality content, social media signals, promotion, and a couple of profile backlinks. I hope that you found this post helpful for you and boosted the SEO for your website.

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